Finally! There is a HERRIE merch webshop! We got some new things and old things! Maybe even more loud stuff in the future. When you get a shirt, you're not just a fashion icon. You also support the local HERRIE scene! Money that is made with this merch is going back into the events. More noise for you and us!


The new shirts are in production at this moment, so shipping will take around 2 weeks at this moment. You can also choose to pick up your bough merch during the upcoming HERRIE shows. We do our best to work as fast as possible with shipping, but keep in mind that this is still a passion project and (sadly) not a day job.


If you want to pick up your merch, you can save on shipping by picking it up at HEMELVAARTSE HERRIE on 09-05-2024 in HAL 25 Alkmaar.